25 Jun 2024

Master the Airtime Lingo

Master the Airtime lingo

Confused by referrals? Not sure about surges? 😕

We get it. To clear things up, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all our terms. 

Here’s your ultimate guide.

Challenges  🏋️

Put simply, the monthly challenges give you a chance to earn a little extra bonus each month. Join your challenge and you’ll see there is a target number of transactions to aim for. Get a stamp for each spend and you’ll earn bonus rewards if you reach the target by the end of the month. Once the transactions have cleared, you’ll get your bonus. 💸

Join this month’s challenge in the app.

Airtime Challenges

Share and Earn 🤝

Another way to earn extra rewards, this is our friend referral scheme. Share your unique referral code with a friend or relative and when they sign up and spend within a set period, you both receive a £2 bonus! Check the ‘Share and Earn’ tab in the app to find your code and the reward! 💰

Airtime share and earn

Surge Referral

Sometimes we boost the amount of our referral bonus for a short period. Time it right and you could earn up to £100 for referring a friend! Turn on your Push Notifications to make sure you spot these, and look out for the ⚡ emoji.

Rewards Flash 🚀

Often happening over the weekend, a Rewards Flash is when a retailer’s rewards are increased for a limited time. Look out for the 🚀 emoji in our social media posts, marketing emails, Push Notifications and on the app. You’ve got to be quick!

rewards flash boohooman

Mystery Bonus 🔮

Mystery Referrals and Mystery Spend Bonuses will turn up in your inbox if you complete a successful friend referral. They range from £1-£100 (and sometimes up to £500)! How lucky could you be?

Category Interests ✨

We group our retail partners into categories to help you navigate the app. Select your favourite categories and they’ll appear on your home screen. This will help us target your offers and make it easier for you to spot things relevant to your interests. A useful tip! 👍🏽

Head to the retailer pages to pick your favourite categories.

Airtime categories


Did you know you can change the colour of your linked cards? Switch between dark or light mode? We add new features to the app from time to time to improve your experience and help you earn more rewards. Find out more here and keep your app up-to-date to stay in the loop! 


The Airtime app Wallet is where your linked cards are shown. 💳 Head there to customise, add or delete cards. It’s also where you’ll find your monthly Challenge. Opt in and check your stamp collecting progress there.

Airtime wallet

Retailer favourites ❤️

Love Greggs? Want to keep up with all things Boots? Hit the heart icon by the name of your favourite retailers and they’ll appear on your home screen in their own category. A handy way to make sure you don’t miss any special offers!

Airtime Favourite Retailers

Promo code

Been sent a promo code or spotted one on our social media channels? Great! Enter the code in the app and look for the Active Promotion tile. Complete the action by the date given and you’ll grab a bonus! 👍 

Airtime promo code


You’ve earned your rewards, now it’s time to claim them! Simply click the redeem button in the rewards section and select the amount. It’s that easy! ✨ You’ll need to meet your network’s redemption threshold to be able to redeem. 

Current balance

Total of the transactions that have completed, but not yet been redeemed by you. 💰

Total earned

A running total of all the rewards you’ve earned to date from completed transactions, including amounts you’ve already redeemed. 🌟

Pending balance

Rewards that our system has tracked but that haven’t completed yet. Check the pending period countdown to see when they will complete and move to your current balance.

Airtime Balance

Pending period ⏳

The amount of time between your purchase being tracked and the transaction completing (often 35 days). Click on any transaction to see how many days remain. We’ll send you a Push notification when it completes. 

Airtime pending period

Transaction history

A record of all the purchases you’ve made with Airtime retailers since you signed up! You’ll find it in the Rewards section.

Have we missed any out?

Reach out to us on X, Facebook or Instagram with any questions and give us a follow if you like!

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