25 Jun 2024

Airtime - a new brand for a new era 

We started Airtime with a simple mission - to create an innovative loyalty programme for the mobile-first generation. 

Almost a decade ago, fuelled by the rapid rise of smartphones, we recognised a unique opportunity to launch a new rewards currency. Understanding that these devices were becoming essential in our daily lives, we created Airtime, a rewards programme designed to connect shoppers, retailers and the mobile networks.

We found a perfect match with the mobile generation, but the early years were challenging as we sought to define our place and establish a foothold in this space. Driven by our unwavering belief in our vision, we've reinvested everything back into the business, and with a dedicated and talented team we have been continuously striving to innovate for our audiences. We knew members needed seamless technology that integrated effortlessly into their lives. Retailers needed more accuracy and certainty as performance marketing evolved. And telecom providers wanted to better support and engage their customers.

Our perseverance paid off. Airtime has become the fastest-growing rewards programme in the UK, with 3.5 million members, 5 million connected cards, incentivising 55 transactions every minute. This journey, marked by determination and innovation, transformed our vision into a thriving reality.

It's time our brand matched this reality...

Determined to push forward and continuously innovate, our brand vision has evolved over the years. We recognised the importance of capturing the moments which would lead to a larger overall strategy. We are euphoria engineers, able to deliver joy throughout our members’ days. Turning everyday purchases into uplifting moments. And, while our product and tech is market leading, our brand needed to support our growth and vision. 

We want our members to feel great about their spending. To feel empowered! They are living more mobile connected lives everyday and our rewards programme has the potential to elevate routine moments into even more rewarding ones. 

Introducing a new era for Airtime. 

We are inspired to deliver against what our member’s lifestyles demand, and what our retail partners need to engage and influence more effectively. We’re a leader in our field and our new brand now reflects this.

The new Airtime brand is bold, robust and future-proofed; and most importantly, human. We have dropped the wave, building fluidity and free-flowing motion into our A, which symbolises our unique connectivity and the seamless nature of our technology. An instantly recognisable asset which stands true individually as well as within our logo.

Airtime logo

Not only do we look different, we’ll sound differently too. Our words will match our desire to inspire and empower our audiences and our new voice will be amplified with our new font, Uplifting Sans.

As our brand evolves it is important to reiterate our business is still under the passionate stewardship of the same owners and is secure as ever. With this pivotal moment in the business, our new era expands our horizons and unlocks new opportunities to shape an exciting future for Airtime.

Welcome to life on the upside...

Make sure you download the latest version of the app for the full brand experience.

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